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Your Engineers,

We've proudly been able to satisfy our clients with a
combined 25 years of seasoned experience in our respective fields.

Our engineers are Operator Certified by Avid in both Music and Post. ​




Craig has been involved in music since he was a small child. Prior to attending McNally Smith College of Music, he had pursued performance and education at Benedictine.


His extensive expertise, knowledge, and hands-on operations are what bestowed Craig his rightful throne as our primary Mastering Engineer here at Absoluta Audio- but he can be found wearing a variety of hats.

Jon Pascone

Jon has been involved in post audio production for nearly a decade and a composer for much longer. He studied film & composition in Albany, NY he to his engineering roles in both New York & Rhode Island.

Since moving to Minnesota, Jon has been behind an ample amount of advertisements for Radio, Internet Ads, VR, and national TV. He and his sound department won Best Sound Design in Z-Fest 2019 for "Frostbite".


David's talent has found himself to be heavily sought out engineer - his experience and sound quality standards seem to increasingly impress his clients, old and new. From Tracking to Production, David's one of our most reliable engineers.

Estamos muy orgulloso de tener David con nosotros. Especialmente por qué es el más bilingüe entre todo nuestro equipo.

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